Regular Course Students


Mohammad Fazdlan Zachrudin

Before I came to Japan, I never Imagined that there was a school which cared about my religion in Japan. Therefore, I was so much surprised that this school has a Muslim prayer room and Muslim teaching staff.

South Korea

Lee Juyeon

The teachers give special assistance for me after class so that I can speed up my Japanese Study. I love this school!


Cui Hanx

Fukuoka is a very beautiful city with many delicious foods. I am happy to study in Aiwa with many friends from different countries and the school has many interesting events. Apart from that, I am also happy that I have a part time after my study: it is good for me to practice my Japanese at work and also to learn about the Japanese working environment and culture.


Siddik Adi Wijaya

The learning environment is very good. The teachers are very kind and supportive. Learning Japanese becomes fun and not so difficult. I am happy that I get to know many friends from different countries. In addition, Aiwa has part time job division that will help you to find part time job or give you counseling related to part time job hunting.

Sri lanka

W P Sandini Himasha

There are lots of events through which we are able to make friends globally. We are just lake one family here. Why don’t you join us?



I am happy to live in Japan because I can study with my wonderful friends from many different countries. Teachers’ lessons are very easy to follow and understand.


Special Course Students


Le Din Thien

Everybody likes talking in the class and this makes the classroom atmosphere becomes so much fun. In addition to Japanese, we study many other subjects in this course, for example, mathematics, English, social studies, etc., which are not only interesting for us but also important for our EJU preparation.


Muhammad Syamsul Bachri

Studying in Aiwa is fun. The teachers are very professional in teaching. It is easy to understand their lessons & explanation. I don’t have any regret to choose Aiwa as my place of study.


Vergara Carvacho Miguel Alejandro

Aiwa has been nothing but a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know what to expect when I first came, but both the human aspect and the educational aspect have impressed me constantly. Everyone is very nice and willing to help, & I have learned so much more than I thought I would. I recall my level when I got here, 3 months ago, & I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Thanks to Aiwa!


Chen Yi

In this course, we don’t study Japanese only but also mathematics, social studies, English, essay writing, etc., which are needed for taking EJU. The classes are interesting as we can learn many things. Our classroom teacher, Shimizu sensei, is very cute and hardworking, I love her. Apart from that, all of my classmates are friendly and we all get along with each other very well.



Sun Xiaolin

Admission: 2007
Graduation: 2009>>University

Qu Dawei

Admission :2007
Graduation:2009 >> University

Zhang Tianyi

Graduate:2010>> professionalschool
Occupation:Car Engineer(BMW in Jpan)

Li Xian

Admission : 2015
Occuaption:Univesity student