■Greeting From THe Chairman Of Aiwa Language Institute

Aiwa Language School is a Japanese language school for people who are aiming to go to university. At the present time, we have a good relationship with some universities and our recommendations carry a lot of weight with them. Moreover, at Aiwa, our students are able to receive an excellent education in the Japanese language in a relatively short period of time.
We have exchange activities with an Elementary school in the area where our school is located, for example, visiting each otherfs classes and organising events together. From now on, we would also like to establish stronger links with companies to give our students the opportunity to learn technical Japanese for business.

Head Trustee of Aiwa Language Institute
Kouzi Abe

■Greeting From Principal Of Aiwa Language Institute
Aiwa Language School has been accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education to teach the Japanese language to foreign students who wish to learn in a short time.
In order to study at a Japanese university or college, students are required to have a high level of comprehension to understand lectures given in Japanese, and they are also required to pass entrance exams to the university they wish to go to. In addition, it is necessary for candidates from abroad to pass the EJU test.
We at Aiwa, provide a high standard of Japanese education, as well as giving guidance to those going on to university. With the support of our experienced teachers, and by training in small groups, we give all students the opportunity to reach their goals.

Principal of Aiwa Language Institute
Ayaaki Ishizaki